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About the Writer


I’m Dean. Some friends and family call me Dino.

Just to let you know a bit of myself, I’m a writer who likes to dabble with the PC and PC programs. I’m a widow as my wife lost her life to cancer in 2010. I have one daughter who lives not far from me with a loving husband and two children. I live alone with a cat who believes she’s the master of the house.

I love reading science fiction and commenting about it. At times I write drabbles. My drabble website is Drabbles are 100-word fiction stories that are more difficult to write than read. And they’re certainly not boring, because you’ll be able to finish the story before you get bored.

The website you’re now reading hopefully doesn’t bore you. It contains my sci-fi reports and reviews on sci-fi books and eBooks.

Please write me to let me know your thoughts.

Your friend,