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Posts tagged as “science fiction”

How Sci-Fi Tackles the Urgency of Climate Change

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Climate change is a pressing issue that demands attention and action from all of us. While the scientific community works tirelessly to find solutions, another unexpected ally has emerged to…

A Loving Relationship

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a drabble Photo by Tara Bazille on Unsplash He couldn’t help it. He was in love. He had fallen in love before but none of them lasted. Perhaps he was…

Cyborgs’ Evolution from Science Fiction to Reality

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For many years, the subject of cyborgs or cybernetic organisms has been a hot one in science fiction. Cyborgs have captivated audiences’ imaginations for years, from the robotic animals in…

Even Here, In the Blackness

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Lora Gray Photo by Norbert Kowalczyk on Unsplash I tell myself I’m not worried when the captain passes his fingers tenderly through my cheek and asks, “Are you ready?” I tell…

The Suicide Mission

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He was the last one alive. He couldn’t stop firing his gun. The aliens were winning. He couldn’t give up. They weren’t taking any prisoners. They were aliens who ate…

Fauna Subject to Change

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By Brandon Case “Kill them, Captain!” Corporal Keril screams at me, spraying the herd of deer with his MK-790 plasma rifle. “Kill them all!” The animals drop by the dozen—their…